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Institut equestrian Equijam

Well-being and relationships between horses and humans

New for 2024

To remain true to our values, the Domaine d’Inly stables have become the Institut Equijam.
Our aim is to promote the horse as a partner in your emotional well-being.
We will be offering you, free of charge, relationship-building activities in the company of these wonderful animals. These workshops will take place on foot only.
They are aimed at all our customers, adults and children alike, who are keen to learn more about horses and who cannot afford to take part in ’equestrian’ activities.
Our aim is to help as many of you as possible discover what horses can do for you.

More than just know-how, we want to teach you how to "be" with the animal so that you can "be" with yourself.

séance d’éthologie aux écuries du Domaine d’Inly
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