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Marvel at the wonders of the Brière Regional Park!

The Brière Regional Park

The Brière Regional Nature Park is a nature reserve in the Loire-Atlantique region of France, characterised by its marshes, canals and biodiversity. It is the second-largest marshland in France, and the richest in the Pays de la Loire region.

The reserve is home to a wide variety of animal and plant species, and is used by local people for reed farming, an important local tradition. Visitors can discover nature and traditional human activities by going on boat trips or on foot, as well as visiting typical villages where local crafts are on display.

activities to do

The Brière Regional Nature Park offers a multitude of activities for visitors wishing to discover this beautiful region:

 Boat or barge trips: Explore the canals and marshes by boarding a traditional boat, piloted by a local guide. This is one of the best ways to admire the natural beauty of the park while discovering its flora and fauna.

 Hiking or cycling: Follow the marked trails on foot or by bike to discover the park’s varied landscapes, typical villages, bridges spanning canals and unspoilt natural areas.

 Observe the flora and fauna: Take advantage of the many observatories dotted around the park to admire the birds, amphibians and other animal species that inhabit this wetland area.

 Guided tours and interpretation centres: The park’s interpretation centres offer interactive exhibitions and guided tours to help you better understand the ecosystem of the Brière marshes, their history and their importance.

 Discover traditional villages: Visit the charming Brière villages to discover the local architecture, craft traditions (such as reed weaving) and culture of this region.

 Cultural activities: Take part in the cultural events, festivals and traditional events that regularly take place in the park, showcasing local crafts, music and gastronomy.

 Try your hand at fishing: For fishing enthusiasts, certain areas of the park offer the chance to enjoy this activity in an exceptional natural setting.

Practical information

By car: The entrance to the park takes 20 minutes from the campsite.

By bike: If you’re keen, you can take a long ride from the campsite to the park, which takes about 1 hour.

Visitors’ opinions and testimonials

"Magnificent barge festival decorated with natural flowers. The organisation of the catering outlets was top-notch despite the crowds, and above all the calm ride on an electric boat with commentary by a marsh enthusiast. An excellent day" August 2023

"We discovered the Brière marshes by chance and took the boat tour. I recommend first thing in the morning. Super calm and peaceful with the sun. The guide explains everything about the history, flora and fauna. An enjoyable time.
Don’t forget to reward the guide at the end of the tour" July 2023

"A peaceful place, where you can hire a boat at a very reasonable price (18 euros for 2 people) and get lost in the marshes for any length of time. We spent 4 hours there and had a picnic in the boat, meeting herons, egrets, spoonbills and coypu. Very nice!" September 2023

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